• Nature-Ecology
    • Within walking distance, in Diakofto, starts the special cog railway that through a unique path that excites, educates and takes the breath away drives to Kalavrita for walk, coffee, the history museum, lunch or earlier lunch on the Zaxlorou vilage below shady trees.

    • Along with the train moves by the European E4 hiking trail in the This amazing journey is a marked Natura area .

    • On the other hand, if you do a day trip to Kalavryta, the Cave of the Lakes , 13 Km (8 miles) south awaits you with its 13 lakes and 3 levels (two of them are visited) and the rare and wild beauty.

    • Physical - ecological interest posses the Tsivlou lake for another day excursion to the beautiful mountainous Zarouchla, the lake was formed by landslide early at last century.

    After every excursion, with your returning, the presence of the Corinthian gulf will give you the chance for a dip and all the relaxation you need!.

  • Religious segthseeings

    Major monasteries around deserve your attention, usually through magnificent landscapes.

  • Cultural events
    • Summer cinema in the village and elsewhere (eg Sellianitika)

    • Frequently music and other events all along the coastal Aigialeia, from Akrata (Hatzidakis-Gatsos Foundation) to Aigion, capital of Aigialeia.

    • Local fairs and festivals.

  • Country side - Local products

    The hinterland of Aigialeia is ideal for day trips through the vineyards and beautiful landscapes - balconies over the Corinthian Gulf, combined with local products globally appreciated for their quality.

    • The rose sugar (a local sweet from rose petals) produced from the monks of Taxiarxon Monastery.

    • The local wines "Slopes of Aigio" by two visitable, leading wineries, very close to Maistrali, the Oenoforos Winery of A. Rouvalis (11 km) and the Tetramythos Winery (16 Km) together with wine tasting at the site.

    • The raisin "Vostitza" of higher quality from the local vinyardsς.

    • Feta cheese, the local Kalavrita and mountainous Aigialia pasta and local goat meet.