How to come to Maistrali...

The Maistrali Appartements is built in the coastal zone of the village Elaionas.

Its distance from Athens is 164 km (102 miles) towards Patras and from Patras 50 Km (31 miles). The exit from the New National Road is the junction for the Kalavryta-Diakofto at the 157 Km. Then you continue in the old highway towards Patras and after about 9 Km (5.6 miles) you found the turning to Elaionas.

You can find instructions easily by selecting the link "Maistrali" and then "Get Directions". By arriving in the village of Elaionas, with the "Sketch of the City" will be able to find the Maistrali.

Προβολή Maistrali σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους
Sketch of town... Σκαρίφημα για Μαϊστράλι
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